2019 Heritage Days Grand Marshal

The 2019 Heritage Days Grand Marshal is Donald Samuelson

The 2019 Heritage Days Grand Marshal is from Starbuck. He enjoys water skiing, ice skating, sail boating, and he rides a bike wherever he goes. He graduated from Starbuck High School in 1969, got his pharmacist license sometime in the early 80’s, and came to work for his dad Ted and uncle Milton, both of whom were also Heritage Days Grand Marshals. He has kept the family business going for 73 years and recently did a beautiful, major remodel to the drug store building. He has a true passion for this community, its people, and the drug store. He has a true gift of gab.

When he was awarded the Community Service Award at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting a couple of years ago he had a prepared acceptance speech written on the back of a used #10 letter envelope that he read word for word. He simply said “Thank you.”

With pride the Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce announces Donald Samuelson as the 2019 Heritage Days Grand Marshal.