From Outgoing Chamber President Blaine Pederson

The most important part of this message should be to say thank you to everyone that has supported the Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce throughout the years.  2013 was maybe a little more challenging since the Board of Directors decided to wait, for at least a year, to actively pursue having an Executive Director within the organization.  This was mainly due for financial reasons and it also allowed for more hands on work for each board member.  The result was improved finances and a realization of how important a position like that is as well as a board that works together to reach it’s objectives.  With that added work and time spent at meetings, functions, etc…thank you to the families for their understanding and support.

Most of us did not have a class or training somewhere in life that prepared us for being board members of the chamber or any volunteer orgainzation for that matter, so it was both good and interesting to see how our different insights and strengths were put to use along the way.

We have very good people in our community and there has been so much done by those that have come together by volunteering in various groups.  Some examples are..

  • The Friendly Garden Club that has been doing great work by beautifying Starbuck for the past 40 years.
  • Friends of Glacial Lakes State Park has supported the park for the past 10 years and was instrumental in it remaining open during tough economic times a few years ago.
  • Mens’s VFW Auxillary may be the largest in membership (at 50+) and activity in outstate Minnesota.  They are usually available to help with community projects beyond their original scope and purpose.

Highlighting the above 3 groups is just to show some accomplishment to be proud of for a community our size.  All of the groups are just important as the rest for sure.  THis past year an idea was brought forward by Mayor Bruce Bakewell for bringing community members together in a generic sense as a way to help with city and other community  projects.  So far 20 people have signed up and a great deal of work has been done that has helped to save money and has aslo increased community spirit.  We know that joining together encourages one another and lightens the load for everyone involved.  Think of what could be done if the 20 would turn into 40!

Good things happened during 2013 that we believe resulted in a better position for the next board of directors.  That is stated very well in the “2013 year in review” prepared by Secretary Tom Beuckens.

So what other opportunities or possibilities does 2014 hold for the SACC to make the “Star” of Starbuck shine even brighter?

Correlate news and other information with the Starbuck Times for great visibility.

Sponsor website developmet and computer training for businesses.

Partnership with the Glenwood Chamber.

Help and Support community service organizations.

Improvement and advancement of the Chamber website.

Search the internet for lessons, ideas and success stories from other communities to learn from.

Offer consistent opportunities for community members to meet informally once a quarter or even more often for brainstorming and benchmarking things that need to be done.

Chamber office

Chamber newsletter.

Your comments and suggestions on our site are strongly encouraged. You can submit your thoughts by clicking here.

Starbuck is a great place to live.  Let’s keep on encouraging one another today learning from lessons from the past and growing ideas for the future.