Glenwood Rotary Club
180 Lakeshore Drive
Glenwood MN

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Starbuck Fire Department Auxiliary
PO Box 621
Starbuck MN

The mission statement of the Starbuck Fire Department Auxiliary is to support and be of assistance to the Starbuck Volunteer Fire Department whenever possible. The Members of the Auxiliary will pursue their mission statement through activities supporting the fiscal, public service, and response support needs of the Starbuck Volunteer Fire Department Firefighters.

Working toward this goal, the Auxiliary will provide service and assistance by being involved in activities including, but not limited to, the following:

* Providing fundraising efforts primarily for the Starbuck Volunteer Fire Department Relief Association and other community needs the Auxiliary deems appropriate when funding allows.
*Responding to the request for assistance during fires and other situations that require the Firefighters to be on scene for extended periods of time.
* Supporting outreach programs
* Open and maintain communication with neighboring auxiliary boards for partnering and learning purposes.
* Support fellow fire departments and/or families in times of need or crisis.


Contact Person:  Jen Haugen