General Federation of Women’s Club Receives Community Service Award

The GFWC was recognized for their community involvement with the Community Service Award at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting February 1st.

GFWC Starbuck (Formerly known as Starbuck Study Club)
GFWC Starbuck is one of 45 GFWC clubs in Minnesota. We are one of two federated clubs in Pope County. We are part of the West Central District and Mississippi Valley Region (eight states). 2020 is a big year for us as we are celebrating:
125 years as a national organization
95 Years as GFWC Starbuck (Starbuck Study Club)
100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote
Over the past decade, GFWC Starbuck has received several state and national awards. We have recorded over 34,000 volunteer hours in the past decade serving our community. Members report their hours which are categorized under:
Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention (Our Signature Project)
Advocates for Children
The arts
Home life
International Outreach
Leadership & Membership
Legislation & Public Policy
Public Issues
WHRC -Women’s History Resource Center
Over the past decade, several of our members have been named “Empowering Women” by GFWC Minnesota at the state conventions. This past summer, Mary Lehtola was named Empowering Woman.
2015-GFWC Starbuck was 8th in the nation in membership growth with an almost 40% increase in membership.
2018-GFWC Starbuck received national recognition at the International Convention in Public Issues.
2019-GFWC Starbuck received the state award for Advocacy For Children
This past year, GFWC Starbuck was recognized at the state convention for its CIP (Community Improvement Project). The project included making improvements to the Snack Shack at the beach and the surrounding area. We plan to make continuing improvements this coming summer.
We also participate in the Grand Initiatives of the International GFWC. The most successful was the collection of 247 pairs of shoes for Soles4Souls. We thank the public and churches in the area for helping us with our collection.
Fundraising for the group includes participation in Thursday Night on the Town and our “lucky bucks” auction at our regular meetings. We were also blessed with a large donation in memory of Lola Rundgren who was one of our longtime members.

Photo by Celeste Rapp