Joyce Baukol

Growing on the Prairie

Chamber Member Highlights

Spring, 2024; Joyce Baukol


Joyce grew up in Starbuck, daughter of Melvin and Avis, graduating from the Starbuck High School (go Bucks!).  She married David Baukol, and they raised 3 daughters.  Although our visit was the first time I’d met Joyce, I can say that her daughters, sons-in-law and especially her grandchildren hold a very dear portion of her heart.  We visited the little “photo gallery” (pride of place!) of family members in her home, and what beautiful people they all are!


Joyce told me her husband David, who has passed away, was the active one in their marriage, being a guy who loved to visit!  He had a hand in many organizations in Starbuck.  He was involved in the Lions, Friends of the Glacial Lake State Park, the Chamber, Fron Church and of course his career of teaching and coaching, both Starbuck and Minnewaska.  Someone outside the Baukol family talked about the amazing impact he had in so many students’ lives.  Joyce was no sluff-off either, having worked at the Minnewaska Nursing Home for 16 years, and the Wahlquist law office for more years than she could remember!


Joyce loves living in a small town and although this is changing a bit, she has so enjoyed knowing nearly everyone she meets.  She has her daughters nearby, one in Starbuck, one Osakis, and the furthest being in Burnsville.  Her favorite event in town is Heritage Days, but she mentioned her high school reunions held at the Nutcracker and has had a solid group of women friends to dine out with.


If she wished for anything new in Starbuck, it would be a clothing and a hardware store.  She fondly remembers the great shopping once available in town.


May I say that Joyce has a very specific distinction in that her maiden name is also her married name.  Yes, she was a Baukol and married a Baukol (not related of course)- Wow!  Being a Scandinavian, I can see two Petersons, Andersons, Larsons, or Nelsons doing this, but Joyce’s maiden/married name takes the cake!