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Spring 2024; Minnewaska Real Estate and Insurance





“Ready to start the search for your dream home?” or “Home, farm or car-we’ve got you covered!”  These are headings from the website of Minnewaska Insurance and Real Estate.  Their main office is conveniently located in Starbuck at the intersection of 28 and 114. The firm is owned and run by Kurt and Lara Amundson.  They have a huge milestone coming up as they’ll celebrate their 25th anniversary of their business in July of this year. What an impressive accomplishment!  Along with being real estate brokers, they will take care of your every insurance need whether home, auto or you name it.


Their firm has 3 employees and 3 agents who work with them helping to cover the Glenwood market, Villard, Hancock, Alex, and everything in between.  When you call the office, the friendly voice you’ll get is that of Lacie Wersinger, not only the official greeter (my title for her!) but also a realtor.


Kurt and Lara grew up in Starbuck, and they love having their business in the town they know so well.  Most of their business is referrals (another compliment to them) and what better match for your real estate and insurance needs than where you’re not a stranger.  Most of their clients are within an hour radius, and this means they have knowledge to both help direct and protect their client’s real estate decisions.


Lara says Starbuck is a great place for them to live, because of life-long friends and the joy of living on Lake Minnewaska.  Having raised 4 sons, lake-life had so much to offer.  Great fishing, great water sports, not to mention great education at both Glacial Hills and Minnewaska.


When asked what advice they’d give to someone starting a new business in Starbuck they enthusiastically suggested that that person/family live in Starbuck proper and get involved in any way they can.  Amundson’s have certainly done this themselves.  They advise a new business to join the Starbuck chamber and volunteer where they have an interest. They have put their money where their mouth is and done this their whole lives.  Anything to improve our community is part of their DNA.


Check out their website and be sure to know they’ll take care of you beautifully if you have the desire and need!   www.minnewaskare.com