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The object for which the chamber is formed is to promote and perpetuate the business, commercial, manufacturing, and agricultural interest of the surrounding community; to develop a unified public spirit, whereby we may put forth a united effort toward the betterment of our City and the surrounding community to make them more prosperous, more beautiful, and better places in which to live.

The Starbuck Chamber of Commerce (SACC) was originally established to promote the business interests of the city merchants. Since that time, the purpose and goal of the Starbuck Chamber of Commerce is not only to promote the City of Starbuck with the help of the community and it’s business interest but to also promote the area surrounding the city as well as other communities with the county hoping to make the area a more prosperous place to live, work and play.

It is our hope that by promoting Starbuck, we can enhance the promotion of the prosperity and well being of Pope County.

What does the SACC do to promote our community?

Advertising opportunities on web, print and radio Community Events (Heritage Days, Dragon Boat Races, Christmas Open House, Sprig Fling, Fall Get together, Lighted Christmas Parade/Chili Supper, Lights in the Park, etc.

Collaboration with Community organizations to promote city activities.
Increase awareness of internet web presence and social media opportunities through workshop trainings and professional advisory assistance for promoting via local websites, Facebook, U-Tube, Twitter, Blogs, etc…Acts as a grant funding repository.

Who can be a member?

· All individuals and businesses that are interested in the purposes of the SACC.
· Membership fees are nominal and support the scope and purpose of the organization.

Why be a member of the SACC?

· Support YOUR community!
· Benefits include…

Listing on the SACC Online Directory, SACC general advertising to promote our area and related events, window decal and certificate, answers for out of town inquires, attractive discount for business participation at the Annual Pope County Expo, promotional opportunities during SACC functions, ideas for consideration, newsletters both in print and electronic with coupons, articles, etc, member newspaper profiles, brainstorming coffee functions, access to meeting location.

Community spirit remains strong in Starbuck even through the changing demographics of our rural America….But we need you. We need your experience, ideas, vision, and voice. We need your help, once in a while. We need you to be a part of people coming together to help the town we love, Starbuck. Join others in making a difference; you will be a great addition to our team!

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Please send payment to:

Starbuck Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 234
Starbuck MN 56381

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