2024 Lefse Dagen

The annual date for Lefse Dagen is on May 18, 2024.  The Lefse Dagen celebration, which began in 1987, is sponsored by the Starbuck Depot Society and supported by the Starbuck Study Club. This celebration has a twofold purpose:

To commemorate the record setting, yet unbroken, world’s largest lefse baked during the Starbuck Centennial Celebration in 1983 by a group of Starbuck Lions.

To hold an open house at the Starbuck Depot Square. The site where the 70 pound lefse with a diameter of 9 feet 8 inches was baked.

In 2006 the Depot Society commissioned a special photo of the making of the world’s largest lefse and unveiled it to the public during the Lefse Dagen Day celebration.


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