Growing on the Prairie

Stats: Who makes up our chamber membership?  We have 12 single adult members, 22 couples and 2 home based businesses.  We also have 13 non-profits, 28 small businesses, 22 medium and 22 large business members.  That is 121 separate members, not totaling the number of people in each category!  We think that is amazing for a town of 1372 (2021 census) and assures us of the support Starbuck’s chamber needs to host 6 and help with 4 more events held in town every year.  Thank you!


DetailsWe will be reporting on each of these members in NO order.  A simple intro and bio with photos for fun.  The timing may be random and the writing subpar, but we will muster on to tell you a bit about each other!


Our chamber board currently has 8 members plus 3 adjunct volunteers.  Mayor Gary Swenson normally attends the meetings and there are various leaders of Starbuck clubs who report when they have something on the docket.  We meet once a month and of course there are other volunteer “opportunities”!


And of course, all are welcome.