White Bear Lake Insurance

The beautiful White Bear Ins. Co. office building on Polar St. and Cty. Rd 28 was built and occupied in 1997, but
as a company, they have been in Starbuck since…wait for it…1883! This is probably the oldest, or one of the
oldest businesses in town. Starbuck is in White Bear Township; in case you don’t know! As a company, they
specialize in rural communities, having first provided coverage against farm fires. (This origin struck me as my
mom had 3 house fires in her childhood during the ‘30s. So much of their lives, including machine and
equipment power, household heating and cooking was powered by fire. We shouldn’t be surprised by the need
for fire insurance.) White Bear Ins. coverage grew over the years to include lightening, wind, theft and
vandalism. Not only for farms, but for businesses and residential properties. WBI currently has approximately
1450 policy holders.
When asked about their membership in the Starbuck Chamber, they easily answered that they want to support
the community that supports them! When asked about their future as a company, they look forward to
“staying the course” and providing a local service of quality at a competitive price.
When asked why someone should start a new business in Starbuck, Mitch said “Look at the amenities! Lakes,
the state park, wildlife, and something for all outdoor hobbyists.”
Mitch Gerdes has been the manager at the Starbuck office since 2009, and he is supported by Jodie Braaten
and Kori Gullickson. (they are so fun to chat and joke with, stop in for a super friendly welcome!) How lucky
we are to have such solid, loyal, dedicated services here in downtown Starbuck. The Starbuck chamber
appreciates your membership and support so much. Thanks guys!