General Federation of Women’s Club


The General Federation of Women is one of Starbuck Chamber’s nonprofit members. Formerly known as
the Study Club, this is a group of women who have accomplished so much for our city!
Where do we start trying to explain this organization?! It is 125-130 years old nationally, and in 2025 will
celebrate its centennial. There are 50 clubs in Minnesota, and approximately 30-35 members here in
Starbuck. Locally the club meets 6 times a year on the 2 nd Thurs. of the month. Their meetings are held in
the basement of Fron Lutheran Church. Meetings include a speaker or a tour, such as a recent visit to
Wood-In-Hearts, a short business meeting and a lovely dessert.
What have they done in Starbuck? Years ago, they were instrumental in restoring the Depot Museum!
Many were members of the Starbuck Depot Society. Who would our town be without that? More recently
they worked on reopening the Snack Shack at Starbuck beach, the cleanup and beautification of the beach
area plus the purchase and installation of new flags. They volunteer at Heritage Days, the Dragon Boat
Races, Lefse Dagen, Eple Tiden, Nite to Unite, and Thursday Night on the Town. Whew!
Just this past year, they clocked 7000 volunteer hours amongst the group of 30 women! Isn’t that
Mona Gregersen, their representative we interviewed, won a very prestigious award through the
Federation. Here is the explanation from their national site of this award-kudos to Mona!
“The GFWC Jennie Award is in honor of the founder of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, Jane
Cunningham Croly, known fondly as "Jennie June." The award spotlights one clubwoman from the
Mississippi Valley Region who has been judged on club, state, region, and national levels for her outstanding
performance as a volunteer within her club, community, and family”.
What is their desire for the city of Starbuck? That it continues to be a vibrant and growing community!
They would love new members and Mona suggests it is NOT an overwhelming commitment, time wise. 6
meetings a year is not bad, and many help with one activity a year only. Consider it, they will include you
with open arms.
Check out their national website for more detailed information.