Volunteer of the Year


Blaine & Karla Pederson receiving the 2024 Volunteer of the Year award from chamber secretary Linda Hoffmann.


The 2024 Volunteers of the year have been a very active couple in the community for many
years. Some would say his entire life.
If numbers could talk….
How many Minnewaska Lutheran Home resident’s days were brightened by a visit from Lady or
How many people around Starbuck had a meal delivered to them in their time of need,
regardless of whether they lived in town or country?
How many Boy Scouts received guidance and instruction?
How many AWANA attendees were shown what real faith is by spending time with them?
How many Glacial Hills students received a quality education, in part because he was on the
school board?
How many people enjoyed the Community Thanksgiving meal in part because of her willingness
to volunteer?
How many visitors to Starbuck have received a personal tour of the Depot and Museum?
In addition to all of the aforementioned, he has served as a Chamber Director and produced a
fantastic Chamber newsletter during that time.
Together they do a lot behind the scenes at the Depot that goes unnoticed but not
Their daughter, Alicia, said the following, “He’s the funniest human I know. My parents truly are a
perfect example of giving back to the community and it’s inspiring how selfless they are.”
At this time, I have the privilege of announcing the Chamber’s 2024 Volunteers of the Year,
Blaine and Karla Pederson.