Roger and Vicki Aaberg

Roger and Vicki Aaberg

In this issue we’ll meet Roger and Vicki Aaberg and Poppy!Although both of their roots go way back in this area, Roger and Vick ijust moved to Starbuck full time in 2021.Vicki’s family was from Morris and moved to Starbuck when she was only a few years old.Roger’s paternal family have been living near the state park in Starbuckfor generations and his mother’s side were from Clontarf.

The Aabergs lived their adult lives in Luverne, Chaska, and Eden Prairie, but often had a landing place“back home”in Starbuck. Many years were spent staying with Vic’s folks when they visited. They hada cabin and a house in town over the years, and they patiently waited for the property they now own and built on at the intersection of 28 and 114.What an architectural gem they created for us all to enjoy driving by! (We’ve even had guests at our home from WI who wondered if they could get the plans to copy their house.

Roger and Vicki give so much to our community. They’re involved in the VFW Auxiliary, the Gen. Fed. Of Woman’s Club to name two. They volunteer and participate at Glacial Lake State Park, in the city and chamber events andshare so much on Facebook about Starbuck’s history. My personal favorites are the nearly daily gorgeous photos posted from our western shores of Minnewaska and surrounds.

What do they love in Starbuck?

They love the nearness of Glacial Lake State Park, they love the new brewery, they love the new businesses in town and meeting visitors who come to town. What do they wish we had? A car wash, a clothing store, a bookstore!And maybe a few neighborhood nights out. Party in the back yard anyone?!

When asked about why they’re members of the Chamber, they enthusiastically said they want to support the town of Starbuck. “It’s an inexpensive way to care for our city” they responded, and fun to hear what’s going on too.